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Serving manufacturers, retailers, and wholesale shippers 

throughout the US and Canada

Spectrum is a full service third party logistics (3PL) provider. We deliver flexible, reliable freight management services in collaboration with our premier network of carrier partnerships. Our customers are consistently meeting their transportation challenges by simply focusing on core competency, while we offer the framework for their logistics function. Let us demonstrate how we can design and implement a custom structured solution to streamline your supply chain. You will achieve cost savings and benefit from improved administrative efficiency and reduced clerical expense.


Let us demonstrate your savings potential today

Would you like to evaluate your transportation expenditures? Our freight cost containment program may return 10-25% of your current freight budget to your bottom line. We offer a freight analysis, completely risk free - no cost, no obligation, to determine how much of your company’s profits are being lost. 


We will review your recent freight invoices and provide a full assessment - outlining how our powerful purchasing leverage will reduce your costs. Over 90% of the complimentary freight studies we have completed, show that companies are paying much higher rates than those available through our program. Regardless of your current rate programs, even if you already have a 3PL provider, the savings to your company will be substantial.

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